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The Actual World

See that ferris wheel? I see it every day on my way home from work. The beautiful creation of framed metal and plastic, endlessly going around in circles, carrying people in its seats. That ferris wheel is the one thing I look forward to every day after work. Yet, I can’t ride it myself, at least, not yet.

The Illusionary World

There once stood a mass of metal and plastic. What was it called? Oh, I can’t remember. I heard that you could see the whole city from the top of one, so it must have been pretty big. But, in a world that has ended, there are no cities or ferris wheels anymore. There is nothing but me. Me and the cold.

The Actual World

As I approached by apartment complex I noticed a girl who looked younger than me, laying in front of my door. “Hey! Get out of the way!” I yell at her, as she was in my way. She didn’t move. “Hey! Move!” I nudged her with my foot. Again, she failed to move. “Uh, are you okay?” No answer. Shit, now what? I could take her inside, but that would be strange and I could get in trouble. On the other hand, if I leave her out here she could get hurt. I picked her up and carried her inside.

The Illusionary World

I have been here for as long as I can remember. Here, in this cold, lonely world. I wonder the snow-covered landscape, looking for another sign of life. However, I have come to the conclusion that no else is here…no one, except for me.

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Ehhh.Hatch is a no go. I thought I could do it, but right now, it just isn’t working out. INSTEAD! I got a great story for you called Two Worlds -The Actual and Illusionary-. It is farther along in the writing stages and I have more of a drive for this one than I did with Hatch.


“Well, are you enjoying your stay at Hatch?” This was my customary question to all the guests here. “It is

beautiful, as to be expected from the great Henry.” “Well, I’m not that great, after all, this was all my dad’s idea.”

She gave me a light slap on the head, and then said, “But who is the one who has been maintaining everything

since his passing, huh?” She has a point there. “Well, yes, but again, this is all my father. I just make sure it stays

like this.” Rumble. Jorden shifted her eyes away from me to look for the source of the rumbling. “Are you sure

that that is normal?” “Yep, nothing to worry about.” Actually, I was beginning to get worried myself. “Well Jorden,

I have some work I need to get done, so I’ll see you around.” “Of course. See you later Henry.” She said this and

gave me a hug. That surprised me a little. Who am I kidding, that surprised me a lot. “Y-yeah, later”. I could feel

myself blushing. She giggled as I scurried off to my office.
“Hey, Jamie, how is that inspection coming along?” I squawked into the radio. “So far, I haven’t found the source,

but I’ll keep looking.” “Okay, stay on it.” I put the radio back on my belt. Rumble.
I went back onto the floor to greet more guests. “Are you enjoying your stay at Hatch?” I asked a young couple.

“Oh, you bet we are. It is just magnificent!” The female said. “It would be perfect, if not for that damn rumbling.”

The male responded. “Yes, well, I have someone on that as we speak, actually. Everything is in good hands.” I

smiled and made some more small talk until they got tired of me. Turning away from the couple I heard a great

“Ooooooo!”. I hear this all the time mind you, but this was different. It was louder and contained a hint of fear and

unknown. It came from behind me so I turned back around and saw it. Right outside the glass was a giant

creature, one that even I had never seen before. “Henry! Henry! What is that?!” Jorden came running over to me.

“Well, uh, actually, I have no idea.” Then another rumble. This time though, it was much, much louder. So much so

that the entire structure vibrated. I heard people start to worry. I snatched the radio from my belt, “Uh, Jamie,

report.” “Yeah, about that! I don’t think its Hatch that is the problem.” Silence for a moment. “Are you trying to tell

me that this thing outside is the source?” More silence. “Outside, what thing?” “Jamie, take a look out of the

starboard window.” Silence, followed by a gasp. “What is that Henry?” “As I plan on telling everyone else, I don’t

know.” Again, silence. “Well, you should really find out.” “Yeah Jamie, I’m on it. Meet me back at my office.” “Got

it.” I put the radio on my belt once again, excused myself, and hurried back to my office.
Now was probably a good time to entertain the people, perhaps calming them down. I picked up the micophone for

the capsule communicator speaker system. “Hello Hatch visitors. This is Henry, and now I would like to tell you

that you should look outside the starboard window.” Good thing that the theatre hadn’t been playing anything at the

moment, more people to see whatever this thing was. “Well, I have no idea what it is, but it would seem that it is

the cause of today’s rumbling. Nothing to worry about, as it looks fairly docile.” Jamie walked into the office. “Way

to smooth it over Henry.” I laughed, “Thanks.” I put my face back to the microphone. “If there are any scientists

hee today, I would be happy for you to come down to my office to discuss this with me…now.” “Henry, that didn’t

sound to calm and friendly.” “Jamie, shutup, I am concerned for my safety right now.” Jamie’s face changed into a

more serious look. “Safety? This is the safest place on Earth. We’re fine.” He had a point, but I don’t even know

what that thing is. Then, there was a knock on the door. “Jamie, it’s probably a scientist, open up.” He walked over

to the door and opened it, and in rushed a man who looked to be about fourty, and he didn’t look too calm or happy.

“We have a problem. You need to get everyone out of here now!”

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Anyway here is the first chapter of a story I have been writing.


By Jordan Garrett


The year was 2020, and nothing much had advanced since 2009. Cars still drove on the ground, computers were

still computers, robots were still shit. Eerything was the same, well, almost. Sometime around 2016, the world was

graced with an invention of amazing proportions. An underwater theme park, Hatch, as it was called. I was the

son of the inventor and owner. My name is Henry Lucas, and my father was Renald. I speak in the past tense for

my father and the park because these things are no longer with us. The park, Hatch, was the first and, at the

moment, last underwater theme park, showcasing the beauty of the ocean. It took fifty long years to build, but

when it was done, it was amazing. It was about 15 miles of the coast of Great Britain, and about 10 miles

underwater. Great care had been put into creating the wonderful attraction. It almost failed to be completed

because of safety concerns, but those were eventually conquered with the invention of the giant drain and air

compressor. Of course, people were still skeptical about the safety of the whole idea, so my father gave select

scientists and news people free passes to the Grand Opening. The success was tremendous, and people

immediatly began to book their slots for a day in the Hatch. Constructed of thick metal supports and diamond fiber

glass, the Hatch was amazingly safe. There was routine matenince every other day, checking the piping, supports,

windows, and every other piece of the construction. It was so safe that people could use it in the event of a

nuclear bomb explosion. One of the many amazing features was the “Tide Pool’, as we called it. It was basically a

giant pool in the middle of the main gallery, where the ocean came up to meet the underwater-above water world.

I would go into details about how the pressure kept the water from flooding the place, but I don’t know too much

about that. Anyways, Hatch was the most popular vacation spot for the next 4 years, with people coming from all

over the world. My dad and I became millionares almost overnight, and we basked in the fame we had created for

ourselves. But, this eventually all came to a grinding halt, as Hatch faced the world’s greatest accident on the day

of March 30, 2020.

Hatch was a four floored capsule. The first floor contained the “Tide Pool”, along with various restaurants and

shops. The second floor was the giant glass window, where people could see into the depths of ocean. The third

floor was the museum of how Hatch was constructed. The fourth, and final floor, was the theatre, where movies

were screened. Not just any movies, but movie premiers. Gone was the Chinese Theatre red carpet, the big thing

was the “Sonar Screen”, the name for Hatch’s theatre. I can’t really get into all the technical details of Hatch’s

blueprint, that would be my sisters’ strong point, but she isn’t here anymore. Well, I was strolling around the second

floor that day when I saw the object of my major crush. I was a senior in high school, and she was a sophomore.

Her name was Jorden Hayper, and she was beautiful. She was standing against the glass wall, looking at a whale

that was passing by with it’s calf. “So, you like whales?” I came up and asked her. “Huh? Oh, yeah, they’re

amazing.” She had the most amazing voice, every word flowing into the next. “Do you know what kind that is?”

she asked me. “As a matter of fact, I do. That would be a Humpback whale. They used to be eveywhere before

the whaling crisis.” She looked at the whale with awe in her eyes. “Amazing creatures.” she replied. Rumble.

“What was that?” she asked me. “Oh, that was just the capsule’s structure reacting to the the ocean current.” I

said this as if I actually knew what it was. Truthfully, however, I had no idea. It had begun earlier this morning,

and I had sent a mechanic to find out what it was, but he hasn’t reported back to me yet.

Well, my Christmas was awesome. I got a Zune, a PSP, a 4gig mem stick, chocolate, Japanese Elementary Textbook, And a whole bunch of other crap.